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What does it mean if your coach is Certified?

What does it mean if your coach is listed as being IMPACT, SAFESPORT, or CAP I, CAP II certified? 

In short, it means they are dedicated to the continuous learning and improvement in the sport of volleyball,  the latest coaching techniques and most importantly the safety of the athletes in their care. 

The Badger Region requires all registered coaches to be at least IMPACT and Safesport certified. 

IMPACT stands for Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory. Coaches can choose between a 6.5 hour course with both on court and classroom components or a 4.5 hour course that includes only the classroom components. Both courses emphasize drill development, principles of learning skills, resources, athlete safety, legal and moral responsibilities and ethics. 

SafeSport is a relatively new certification that emphasizes the safety of athletes in the care of our coaches. The certification includes on court safety but also off-court safety and helps assure a safe and fun environment for all athletes free of any sort of abuse including physical, mental, emotional, bullying or hazing. 

Once a coach is IMPACT and SafeSport Certified, they have the opportunity to continue their coaching learning and development by attending additional courses in the Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP). 

CAP courses focus on providing current volleyball information based on sound principles in the areas of skills development, tactical systems, physical training, motor learning, sports psychology and administration. To maintain their certification, a coach must fulfill certain requirements, ensuring their training is up-to-date. There are five increasingly advanced levels of CAP certification a coach may progress through. 

While CAP certification is not a requirement, many of Midwest Penguins Volleyball Coaches choose to pursue additional development opportunities for the benefit of our athletes. 

2018 Digging It!

Looking for more opportunities for your kids to play volleyball?

Session II and Session III of Digging It! is open for registration. 

Six Weeks


Age K5-4th Grade

All skill levels welcome!

WI Club 2018

Join us for our 8-week club program. Two practices a week, three tournaments consisting of three to four matches. 

Enjoy the experience of club volleyball in a shorter, eight-week session. Learn from experienced coaches. One practice a week is focused on skill development, footwork, ball control and court movement. Second practice each week is focused on teamwork, team skill development and offense and defensive motion. 

Registration for Session II is now open! 


Penguins earn gold Badger Region seal

Penguins earn gold Badger Region seal