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November Tune Ups

Please go to Camp/Clinic and then FALL Tune Ups for flyer and Info.  Then email to sign up.

Fall Tune Ups for 15 and Older

Mon Nov. 7
Tues Nov. 8
Wed Nov. 9
Thurs Nov. 10

Time 5:30-7:30pm
Center Court, Waukesha

Be Patient- Trust the Process

It has been a busy week! 

Our coaches were very impressed with the work ethic and talent level at this year's tryouts. Our teams are coming together nicely, but the process is not over. 

Team formation is always flexible, and Midwest Penguins is committed to fulfilling the needs of our volleyball community. Please return this Sunday for our second 14 & Under tryout. 

It's imperative our coaches get a chance to work with everybody, and that isn't always possible in one weekend. We urge you to trust the process, trust our coaches and realize Midwest Penguins is here to serve you and your athletes.     

The 13 day tryout period allows everyone to workout and gain some exposure BEFORE making a decision.

We understand this is a crazy, hectic and stressful process. Don't feel pressured to make a decision. Evaluate what you're looking for from your club experience, and don't feel like you can't ask questions. 

Don't make a decision just to get the process over with. Remember, you are investing significant resources in this process, and you'll be submerged in this volleyball world for the next nine months. 

Our coaches and directors are here to help you through this process. Once you've weighed the pros and cons, reach out to your future coaches and fill them in on your decision. It's important to finish the process. 


Over the next few days, athletes will move around, and offers will be extended. We strongly encourage you and your athletes to attend the second tryout this Sunday. 

It is our goal, at Midwest Penguins Volleyball Club to establish two or more teams at each level. What is labeled as our "2s" and sometimes "3s" teams does not always pertain to skill level. 
Our second and third teams still receive the same opportunities to build their skills, the same excellent coaching resources and practice facilities and often compete at the exact same level as the first team formed in that age category. 

We challenge you to not be hung up on the number of the team, but focus on the coaches, the level of training and the level of competition you will play with and against this season. 

If you want to be a Penguin, be patient, trust the process and know it will all work out. 

For tryouts on Sunday:

  • Those with a 1s offer currently
    • If you have an offer accepted or still pending, come on Sunday, work out with your team and solidify the strength of our program and coaches.  
  • Those with a 2s offer currently
    • If you have an offer accepted or still pending, come on Sunday, work out with your team and solidify the strength of our program and coaches.   SOME OF you may also be offered to move to the 1s team if spots are available. 
  • If you do not have an offer with us yet
    • You should attend the tryout and finish the process.  Our coaches will instruct in the second tryout through drills and play, work with you and offer some thoughts on where you best rank. 

Get to know our coaches; visit their bios on our website.

Our coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds. By nature, many of our coaches started in the Penguin Family as athletes. Others developed their volleyball prowess with other clubs as athletes and coaches, as high school athletes or coaches, or as college athletes and coaches. 

All have a love of the game. 

When hiring coaches, we're interested first and foremost  in experience and training.  Secondly, we're looking for a hard work ethic, a commitment to improving and coaching our athletes, and dedication and love for the game of volleyball. 

Our coaches are our lifeline. We entrust in them the ability to help your children to not only become better athletes on the court, but better people in life. 

If you have accepted an offer to play for another club, we do wish you the best, and ask that you do not return to our tryout. It's imperative that we focus on the athletes that still want to be a part of the Penguin family. 

Please register through our website for Penguin Tryouts so we know you are attending.  
-Payment at the door is accepted or online, fee $50

-Register for USAV through
-Tryout membership is $15 and can upgrade once you make the club.


New Programing to fit many families schedules!

Club info page, drop down to WI Club

Coming this week

-CALLING ALL 11s!!  Tryout this Sunday 10/16  8am
FREE looking to a second team......
REGISTER on Penguin website and choose pay off line.

-Registration link for tryouts - UPDATED
-Winter Digging It! - UPDATED
-New mini-club program registration link....10/25

-Throw back Thursday's pictures from past 20 years
-More great news ahead!

Penguins look ahead to 20th anniversary Season

"Our teams are literally crushing it this year at Nationals. We couldn't be more proud of these athletes and their coaches. Keep it up ladies. 

Their success is a testament to all the hard work you've ALL put in to help make Midwest Penguins great. 

As we wrap up this season, we're looking ahead to next year- Our 20th ANNIVERSARY as a club. 

Wow. We can't hardly believe it. It feels like just yesterday we put together our first team. 

This club has brought so many great people together- incredible athletes, coaches, parents... incredible friends... an incredible family. 

We're so glad each and every one of you has been a part of our journey- and we ask that you help us remember. 

Please share with us your Penguin memories. Post your past team photos to our Page, tag your friends and invite them to share, or just send us an email 

As we look ahead to our 20th Anniversary we'll be looking for your ideas for a reunion. 

The Penguin family has always been a close one, and this year we're looking to celebrate what has helped make Midwest Penguins great. 


With love, 
Anne & Janice

AES Midwest Penguin Regional Rankings

Penguins earn gold Badger Region seal

Penguins earn gold Badger Region seal